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Cuberg launches programme of lighter lithium metal aviation batteries

Northvolt’s subsidiary Cuberg today unveiled a new programme of lighter electric aviation batteries.

Peter Carlsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Northvolt said in a press release: “With our aviation systems program, we will leverage Cuberg’s next-generation lithium metal cell technology together with our battery manufacturing experience to bring end-to-end energy solutions to the skies.”

According to the press statement:

“Since publishing externally validated performance data on its lithium metal cell technology in July 2022, Cuberg has made significant advances toward a fully integrated battery system. First, Cuberg has developed a 20 Ah commercial-format lithium metal pouch cell with specific energy of 405 Wh/kg which has been shipped to customers worldwide. Second, Cuberg has engineered and produced an aviation module, based around its 20 Ah lithium metal cells, with specific energy of 280 Wh/kg and energy density of 320 Wh/L. Third, the Cuberg lithium metal module platform has achieved passive propagation resistance during a thermal runaway verification test campaign, a key step in certification of aviation battery systems.”

Richard Wang, Cuberg CEO and Founder, said: “The aviation industry is pursuing cleaner forms of energy and propulsion, but aircraft manufacturers are held back by the weight and immaturity of aviation-certifiable lithium-ion battery systems. With this new program, we will build certifiable battery systems enabling greatly enhanced aircraft performance and deliver a trusted end-to-end solution backed by one of the world’s preeminent battery manufacturers.”

Cuberg technology uses a lithium metal anode and proprietary liquid electrolyte to simultaneously solve the interlocking challenges of battery performance and manufacturability, says the company. While incumbent battery technologies, such as lithium-ion, can be too heavy and low-performing for use in aircraft, Cuberg’s battery cells are lightweight and high-performance. “The technology is also compatible with industry standard manufacturing methods, enabling scalability, reliability and traceability across the value chain.”

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https://northvolt.com/articles/northvolt-aviation/elated content

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