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EP Systems unveils the EPiC 2.0, “offering over 90 minutes of usable flight time”

EP Systems, a company producing energy solutions, today announced its latest innovation: the EPiC 2.0 aircraft energy storage system. The company says that compared to today’s battery technology, it provides up to 30 additional minutes of usable flight time which it maintains opens up a host of new applications for electric aircraft.

According to the press release. “EPiC 2.0 is a drop-in replacement for the EPiC 1.0 TSO system so it’s easy to upgrade.

“Currently, one of the challenges with energy density is that it’s targeted toward short-range missions. The EPiC 2.0 module provides a significant increase in the energy density at the pack level. Additionally, it can fast charge in 30 minutes to deliver 80% battery capacity. This makes electric aviation a more viable prospect for commercial applications moving forward.

“In 2021, EP Systems released its Electric Propulsion Ion Core Ecosystem. It addressed some of the most prevalent roadblocks to advanced air mobility – including safety, cost, weight, and infrastructure. This lightweight, high-power system offers 60 minutes of usable flight time with 30 minutes of reserve. And now 2.0 advances the concept even farther, providing 90 minutes of flight time with 30 minutes of reserve.

“Energy density, a core measurement of electric aircraft power systems, refers to the amount of usable energy for a given weight. In EPiC 2.0, the pack level energy density is increased from 205 wh/kg up to 265 wh/kg. As the energy density of a battery module increases, new technologies are needed to manage the challenging, rigorous environment of the thermal runaway and provide safety to the aircraft. EP Systems developed innovate connector and cooling technologies that allow for the adoption of these new chemistries and uphold all critical safety standards.”

The company says EPiC 2.0 is currently undergoing its safety of flight development and is scheduled to become available for flight in early 2025.

EPiC 2.0 will be featured at the company’s booth during AERO EXPO April 17-20.

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(Image: EP Systems)


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