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Farnborough 2022:  Urban-Air Port and Skyroads to collaborate on Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM)

Urban-Air Port (UAP), the British start-up in the design and manufacture of vertiports for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) has announced the latest addition to their partner ecosystem: Skyroads, a Germany based technology company who are developing automated airspace management and guidance systems.

In a press release the company says “With UAP building the essential infrastructure and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) designing and testing eVTOLs at an accelerated rate, the need for safely managed enroute navigation and terminal procedures, conforming to present and upcoming regulatory rules, are now a priority.

“The partnership between UAP and Skyroads will serve to address this, through a collaborative effort on developing a ConOps (Concept of Operations) – a blueprint for how vertiports and drones will interact through a UATM system – “building roads in the sky” – as per the Skyroads mission statement, enabling safe passenger flights and transport of cargo via highly automated and eventually autonomous delivery drones.

“UAP and Skyroads will utilise the latest technology to develop “digital twins” – a dynamic virtual copy of the interaction between vertiport and vehicle that behaves identically to a real world counterpart. This simulation will enable decision-making in the design process through analysis and insight, without the need for physical construction.

“As part of their commitment to the European Commission’s SESAR 3 work programme, UAP and Skyroads will enter into a discussion regarding concepts for the optimisation of vertiport resource utilisation (the optimisation of take-offs and landings according to the parameters provided by the vertiport), and the handling of “non-nominal” events (e.g. short term plan changes, maintenance related availability and performance issues, weather challenges etc).”

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