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First real-world urban air mobility use case for CycloRotor propulsion system

CycloTech of Austria announced today it has been approached for a real-world use case for Urban Air Mobility. Yamato, Japan´s stock-listed parcel delivery provider has “given CycloTech its requirements for their envisaged air delivery system that could complement their existing ground logistics for parcel delivery in Japan’s megacities.”

In addition to safety the company says Yamato is looking to carry a 45 kg payload over a distance of 40 km; at 120kmph; withstanding gusts up to 25 knots during the VTOL phase; delivery via a narrow approach corridor; and a small landing area demand of 5m in diameter.

In a press release the company says “Cyclogyro rotors offer a unique feature set for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) applications. Key is the ability to instantaneously direct the thrust vector in a full circle of 360 degree, whereas all other propulsion systems pull or push basically into one direction. In combination with the compact design for a small aircraft footprint it enables an easy transition from hover to forward flight, superior manoeuvrability and enables vehicle manufacturers freedom in designing and operating aircrafts and drones to solve the mobility requirements.”

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