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JetPerfect Foundation, ZeroAvia, NASA and California State University to research aviation hydrogen

Dr. Youcef Abdelli, ZeroAvia Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer, and Ernest Siravo, Founder/CEO of the JetPerfect Foundation have agreed on behalf of their respective organisations to collaborate with NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration – and the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), in a proposed effort to research the viability of hydrogen usage in next generation aviation.

Siravo says: “NASA provides funds to support universities with sufficiently compelling proposals and contributory to aerospace.  Funding can be anywhere from USD3-4 million for proposals that are seen as sufficiently compelling.  In the case of CSULB, emphasis is placed on researching various aspects of potential use of hydrogen in aerospace; hence CSULB’s desire to involve aircraft hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer, ZeroAvia, as a collaborator; as well as the JetPerfect Foundation for its role as a source of talent, direction, and expertise”

The JetPerfect Foundation, Siravo says, “was founded in June 2021 with a mission statement that includes researching and developing alternative energy for aviation and aerospace.  Over the past 2 years or so we’ve built an outstanding Board of Directors and Advisors with the most recent Director being Dr. Youcef Abdelli, CTO and Chief Engineer of ZeroAvia.”

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(Image: JetPerfect Foundation)

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