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New French LinkAirNova consortium to develop new UAM concepts

As part of the UAV Show (Bordeaux, October 10-12, 2023), several partners from the aviation and drone sectors signed a partnership agreement called LinkAirNova which should lead to several experiments planned for 2024 according to Aerobuzz.

According to the report “Among the strategic partners who have signed the LinkAirNova Consortium agreement are Zapata, Innov ATM, Jet Systems Hélicoptères Services, EAC, Reflet du monde and Aerospace Valley. These partners mutually engage in the search for innovative solutions. This involves launching real-world experimental projects, designed to evaluate all aspects of an air mobility service, from vehicle technology to infrastructure and traffic management.

“Through this strategic alliance, the members of the LinkAirNova consortium combine their skills to accelerate the development of safer and more efficient solutions, thus strengthening their position within the urban air mobility ecosystem. The first experiments could take place as early as 2024 in the Bordeaux region.”

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(Image: AirNova)

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