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National Drone Innovation Gateway (NDIG) partners, Cranfield University, Ebeni and Neuron Innovations announce UK launch

The NDIG is an initiative led by Cranfield University, Neuron Innovations and Ebeni to support innovators in the UK Drone and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystems.  “The National Drone Innovation Gateway offers industry a single point to access multiple resources to plan, prototype, test, certify and then launch at scale solutions that will accelerate the development of uncrewed systems and their integration into a shared airspace” according to the press release.

“A launchpad for scaling drone operations: NDIG ensures operators can scale all aspects of their operations within the UK. Operators need to build a repeatable holistic safety assessment, conduct meaningful trials at pace, access academic research, analyse prototype data and interface with the CAA. NDIG has the resources, experience, connections and industry awareness to facilitate this and can guide operators through this process at any stage of their journey.

“Connecting innovators in Drones and UAVs: NDIG connects innovators from across the industry, enabling collaboration and promoting the development of partnerships. NDIG has developed a broad range of industry connections, from local councils, to regulators, to manufacturers, to operators, to infrastructure developers, and exploits this to maximise cross-organisation interaction.

“Our mission is to offer the drone and AAM industry a one-stop-shop solution to accelerate the development and productive use of uncrewed systems across a range of industries and government initiatives. We reach out and offer start-ups, SMEs, manufacturers, operators, and integrators the ability to:

  • “Design, develop, test, and operate their solution, following an innovation process that improves success rates for products and services
  • “Gain access to office space, workshops, and event facilities to help them grow, market and successfully develop their ideas / projects
  • “Benefit from our specialist regulatory, engineering, safety, operational knowledge, strategy, and research expertise and resources
  • “Connect and partner with suitable stakeholders that can add value, unlock opportunities, and improve their product offering e.g Bettany Centre, Cranfield academic experts, potential investor partner”

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(Image: NDIG)

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