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Xpeng X2 eVTOL completes cross-river flight in China

Startup AeroHT has reported its flying car, Xpeng X2, completed the flight across the Xiang river in Changsha, Hunan province according to carnewschina.com. “The flying car took off from the left bank of the river and landed at Zhoutou Square, covering a distance of 1.5 km, spending 4 minutes in the air.

“AeroHT was founded in 2013 by Zhao Deli with financial support from Xpeng CEO He Xiaopeng. The company’s first-gen flying car debuted back in 2016, and in 2020, Heitech launched its fifth generation. In 2021, Xpeng Heitech completed Series A financing of over USD500 million.

“The airframe dimensions of the X2 flying car are (L/W/H) 5172/5124/1362 mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is … there is no wheelbase. When folded, the dimensions are 4949/2113/2055 mm. The curb weight is 680 kg and it can carry a maximum payload of 160 kg. Xpeng X2 is a two-seater, so it can carry two 80 kg passengers. The body is constructed mainly from carbon materials.

“Xpegn X2 flying endurance is 25 minutes. According to the company, the mass-produced version that will hit the market in 2025 will offer an extended-range option.

“The eVTOL will start deliveries and mass production in 2025, confirmed Zhao Deli, CEO and founder. The price wasn’t revealed yet, but Deli said during an interview that the price range for a flying car would be USD110,000 – 205,000.”

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(Image: AeroHT)



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