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Signature Aviation partners with BETA Technologies to install electric chargers

Signature Aviation, the private aviation terminal operator, and BETA Technologies, report they have partnered to install BETA-designed electric charging infrastructure at several on-airport locations across the US east coast.

“The partners have already installed and commissioned their first multimodal, interoperable charging station at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, with two more signed agreements in place and discussions in progress for additional locations” according to the press release.

“BETA designed its chargers to be multimodal and interoperable, utilising an international standard to ensure compatibility with BETA’s own all-electric aircraft, other developers’ electric aircraft, and ground EVs. These chargers offer a single solution for both ground- and air-based electric vehicles alike, providing recharge utility to existing and near-term vehicles.

“This technology provides an important foundation for integrated operations, positioning Signature to support the emerging electric transportation market — from electric aircraft to ground EVs. This modernisation effort is fundamental to enabling next-generation aviation operations for Signature’s global customer base and beyond.

“Complementing their public-access charger at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT), Signature and BETA will be installing additional chargers at Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) and the Charlottesville–Albemarle Airport (CHO). The FDK and CHO chargers are expected to come online this summer. The companies are exploring additional sites to expand their partnership in the future.”

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