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SkyScape partners with Unisphere to understand weather impact on vertiport development and operations

SkyScape, a vertiport development and management company headquartered in Osaka, Japan, has announced a new partnership with Unisphere to help build out its Vertiport planning capabilities.

“The two teams will sign an MOU focused on the utilisation of Unisphere weather intelligence and data analytics solutions to better understand how weather conditions such as wind, temperature, icing and more, impact specific locations in regards to Vertiport development and operations” according to the press release. “The insight of which will then be developed into a standardised methodology for Vertiport site assessment in the Japan and Asia Pacific markets.

“Skyscape is looking to pioneer a unique approach to Vertiport development with facility “building blocks,” a set of ready made units that house various elements of vertiport operations. This “infrastructure in a box” approach is meant to empower site developers by allowing them to quickly design and develop aviation facilities and Vertiports with only the elements that are applicable to their unique situation and specific use cases. The hope is to develop sites that can support a high number of co-located services not limited to only eVTOL operations but also first response, medical deliveries, security and more in the name of empowering communities through AAM.”

 “For this industry to reach its true potential, we need to be able to operate year round, regardless of the weather. With that, we need to understand how that weather will impact operations at our facilities so that we can be properly prepared. Japan is a great example of this as the country runs north to south and covers 6 different climate zones. Essentially, we get a lot of different weather, with a variety of impacts, all year long. Working with the Unisphere team will help us make sure that the weather factor is planned for from Day 1 at all SkyScape Vertiport locations.” said Asa Quesenberry, President of SkyScape.

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(Image: Skyscape)

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