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SkyScape signs MOU with Bayards and SafeHub Systems to develop vertiports in Japan

SkyScape, a Japanese vertiport development and management company, reports it has signed an MOU with Bayards, a Dutch engineering and design company and SafeHub Systems (USA), which develops mobile passenger check-in terminals, to jointly develop the first generation of SkyScape vertiports in Japan.

The exclusive agreement the company says will see the three groups work together to manufacture and develop the physical vertiport facility to be deployed at various locations in Japan within the SkyScape network.

According to the press release: “SkyScape’s vertiports are made up of modular “blocks,” which are intended to be high grade aluminium that can be combined and connected in a variety of ways to create unique vertiport layouts and designs based on the client’s specific location and needs. SkyScape plans to allow customers to integrate various AAM technologies and systems into the blocks to give each vertiport unique functions and capabilities such as drone logistics, eVTOL operations, drone first response, medical deliveries, security and more.

“Working with Bayards Vertiports, the group can leverage over 60 years of experience in aluminium structure design and engineering tailored toward aviation operations. Bayards Vertiports is part of the Bayards Group: a global aluminium construction company with over 700 helidecks installed worldwide.  SafeHub, a passenger intake facility specialist will work to integrate their technology into the vertiport check-in terminal to emphasise speed, safety and convenience for guests checking into SkyScape vertiports.”

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(Image: SkyScape)

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