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Three-way company partnership to promote drone technologies for winter mountain events

A three-way company partnership of drone show software, SPH Engineering, a Riga-based integration services provider for unmanned aerial systems, European event agency Swiss Drone Show, and US-based Pinnacle Festivals, have announced a co-operation to develop drone-based outdoor light show solutions for ski resorts, reports exhibitionworld.com.  The partnership says its aim is to advance these applications during the winter including in the mountains and the low temperatures that incur.

Marc Loosli, CTO & co-founder, Swiss Drone Show, commented, “The 1,000+ drone show pre-recorded for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, high-up in the mountains, demonstrated that these craft can do the job in low temperatures.”

He continued, “Last year we accepted the challenge of St Moritz ski resort to produce a festive 100-drone light show. From the tech perspective, we needed to find a way to adjust batteries to cold temperature”

John Eric Henry, Head of Pinnacle Festivals, added, “We are excited about the opportunity to light up the night sky of ski resorts. Our European partners will advise us on the best winter drone show practices to make sure that it has a WOW-factor keeping in mind height and temperature limitations.”

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(News Source: https://www.exhibitionworld.co.uk)

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