First responders

“New breakthrough for first responders to improve communication with drones in emergencies

In disaster zones whether earthquakes, floods, fires, chemical leaks or explosions, First Responders may be unable to identify hazards or locate victims amid damaged buildings or a destroyed environment, reports Unmanned aerial and ground […]

Medical/pharmaceutical transport

Drones for good: Aberdeen University student builds specialist drone for emergency aid: Watch video

Aberdeen University medical student and hillwalker, Sophie Barrack, has designed a prototype drone to carry medical supplies to climbers in trouble, reports Sophie, an outdoors enthusiast, wanted to discover what type of medical supplies would […]

Business Partnerships

Antwerp Port and EMSA partner for drone deployment to enforce and control sensitive and complex areas

Antwerp Port and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) have partnered to deploy drones in areas that require enforcement and general controls, reports Port of Antwerp covers more than 120 kms and contains both […]

Air taxis and personal transports

Canadian research agencies launch CAAM to develop commercial advanced air mobility (AAM) operations

A multi-stakeholder group has announced the launch of the Vancouver-based Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM) aimed at streamlining research and development of commercial Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations. AAM involves the use of zero-emission, […]

Express delivery

Manna latest: New major investor on-board and drone delivery trials in mainland Europe set for 2021

On the back of Manna’s breakthrough with partnering supermarket giant, Tesco, for trial drone deliveries in Ireland, Greenman Investments, a Dublin-based property investment firm and asset manager, has made its first foray into the tech […]

Inspection and surveillance

“It’s not only a drone, not only a box, it’s also an autonomous airport”

Nicolas Billecocq is Chief Operating Officer of Azur Drones, a pioneer of autonomous, drone-in-a-box security solutions What is Azur Drones doing that is so different from other commercial drone operators? We are operating drone-in-a-box, autonomous […]

Business Partnerships

Bell joins Canada’s CAAM

The Bell Aircraft Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Textron,  has joined the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM), to assist the country become a global leader in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), reports a company press […]