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Urban-Air Port joins forces with NACO – accelerating vertiport integration into airports globally

Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Urban-Air Port® (UAP), making it the “first specialist aviation planning consultancy to support UAP in exploring how its pioneering ground infrastructure technology can be integrated into airport masterplan projects around the world.”

According to the press release “NACO will further support UAP on airport land-use planning, regional vertiport network business modelling, eVTOL demand simulation and surface transport intermodal connectivity modelling. NACO and UAP will also explore special systems for the integration of UAP vertiports to support regulatory pathways for the first use cases: eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) flights to/from airports.

“UAP specialises in compact and scalable landing/take off infrastructure for drones and eVTOL aircraft, allowing both airport and aircraft to safely transition and support the electrification of aviation. Next Gen AirOne, launched earlier this month, has a unique multi-stacked hangar that provides an 8+ stand vertiport configuration using 80% less real estate.

“Within its compact footprint, UAPs “Vertical Airfield” does the heavy lifting, allowing its “aircraft carrier” technology to create greater efficiencies in operation and turnaround times. It also provides enhanced safety for passengers and pilots from the special aerodynamic characteristics of eVTOL aircraft seeking certification from regulatory bodies such as UK’s CAA, EASA and the FAA.

“UAP’s vertiports can be deployed in urban, suburban and even rural sites, but airports will likely become the first commercial locations. UAPs next gen AirOne is modular and designed to be tailored to provide safe, secure enclosure for a broad spectrum of climates. It is agnostic to aircraft type and charging / refuelling system and provision for asymmetry in the corresponding flight schedule of the vertiports, in sync with the airports’ main operations, so there are no limits to its global potential. UAP’s leadership has been in discussion with clients around the world.”

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