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EHang and partners “to develop eVTOL tourist eco-system for Pingtan Island”

Pingtan is an island off the east coast of mainland China in Fujian Province.

“It is reported that the Pingtan low-altitude flight tourism project initially plans to invest 120 million yuan (USD16.4 million) and will focus on research and development around the implementation of the “low-altitude flight and tourism” scenario,” said the news agency report. “The project plan is based on scenic spot tourism, giving full play to the policy advantages of the experimental zone and the technical and operational capabilities of investors and operators, and extending the application of unmanned aircraft technology to multi-level fields such as transportation, logistics, medical care, emergency and urban management, and gradually achieve full-chain development in the low-altitude flight industry in terms of resource integration, development and operation, and brand building.”

“Li Xiaona, Vice President of EHang Intelligent Equipment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and General Manager of East China Region, said that after the project is implemented, the low-altitude tourism industry ecology will be introduced in Pingtan, efforts will be made to explore low-altitude tourism development models, and create a “Pingtan model” of low-altitude tourism.

“Fujian Xinyun Technology Investment Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the investment and operation management of the project. In the next stage, it will focus on the integration and utilization of corresponding resources, and plans to connect with state-owned enterprises in the district to promote the cooperative development of low-altitude flight cultural tourism projects based on sightseeing and tourism.

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