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500 drones spectacularly light up the skies above China’s Canton Fair

500 drones lit up the night sky in China’s Guangdong Province on Monday (June 15th), as the world famous 2020 Canton Fair opened, reports dronedj.com. The Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is the largest trade event in the country. This year the fair is being held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 10-day event is held every spring and autumn and brings buyers from around the world to source products and allows companies to build manufacturing partnerships both in and outside of China. The video below starts off with 500 drones rising up in four distinctive layers to begin the show. The unmanned craft then begin making shapes in the sky, including the Chinese flag and ‘I Love Guangzhou’.

At the end of the drone show the word EHang is formed, as the company are behind this spectacular event. EHang’s light show system is capable of flying over 1,000 drones at a time with the drones getting as close as 5cm to each other. The craft used are custom-made GD2.0X drones that share much of the same design as the EHang Ghost Drone with the same bottom facing propellers.

Drone light shows have been a hit around the world since Intel started performing them at big-time events to show off their capabilities. Back in April, China held another spectacular light show by using 300 drones (see Urban Air Mobility News story) over the skies of Zhuna as a thank you to the local medical team at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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