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Eurocae publish new guidance for design of VTOL aircraft to protect against “high energy fragments”

Following a period of public consultation Eurocae has published ED-306 ‘Design Considerations for VTOL Aircraft Protection from Uncontained High-Energy Fragments and Sustained Imbalance’, which was developed by WG-112 on VTOL.

In a statement Eurocae says “The scope of this document is to provide guidance to applicants to demonstrate compliance with the rotor burst protection requirement expressed by EASA Special Condition SC-VTOL. It includes protection of aircraft from high-energy fragments and evaluation of the effects of sustained imbalance condition. Practical design precautions are also presented to protect the aircraft from damage that can be caused by uncontained rotor fragments and reduce the residual risks to the level required by the safety objective of the certifying category.”

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(Image: Eurocae)

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