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EUROCAE publishes new standard on VTOL hazard assessment

EUROCAE has published a new standard ED-300 ‘Guidance on Conducting an Aircraft Functional Hazard Assessment (AFHA) and Preliminary Aircraft Safety Assessment (PASA) for a VTOL Using a Generic Example’.

The standard was developed by WG-112 on VTOL, was published on 7 November 2022.

According to the organisation:

“The purpose of ED-300 is to provide Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)-specific complimentary guidance to ED-135/ARP4761A, and other guidance related to safety analysis. The goal is to help the applicant to understand how to start the VTOL-AFHA (Aircraft Functional Hazard Assessment) through to the point where the VTOL-PASA (Preliminary Aircraft Safety Assessment) is complete and safety objectives are defined for the applicable VTOL aircraft and systems. This is accomplished by presenting a partial example of a VTOL AFHA and VTOL PASA for a highly integrated system that accomplishes safety-critical functions. ED-300 and the example therein focuses mainly upon the Safety Assessment process. ED-300 does not fully address PASA and it is currently under development to be covered in ED-300A.”

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