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US Agility Prime programme to focus on airspace integration with appointment of ‘Dash’ Divakaran

Addressing the area of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) efforts in military airspace, Darshan ‘Dash’ Divakaran has been appointed to the new role of Airspace Integration Lead on the programme. Integrating advanced aviation with traditional platforms impacts military, commercial, and other civil airspace.

Darshan “Dash” Divakaran is the Founder and President of Airavat Solutions. He participates as a board member and/or industry representative on several national and international organizations such as TRB, NASA, UAST, ANSI, AUVSI, ASTM, APSA, NFPA and ASPRS that formulate safety standards, operating protocols and best practices in unmanned aviation for both government and industry.

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