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Government of Victoria, Australia progress Advanced Air Mobility Action Plan with Consultation

The Victorian Government, Australia has launched today a Consultation of its Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Action Plan to support Victoria’s transition to AAM and other aviation technologies.

The statement reads:

“We are seeking your feedback on the Victorian Government’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Action Plan that articulates a range of actions and associated timings that will support Victoria’s transition to AAM and electric aviation. We recognise the need to progress initiatives that remove barriers facing sector development and support new investment into the State.

“Following the release of the Victorian Government’s AAM Industry Vision Statement last year, the Victorian Government has developed an AAM Action Plan that will guide a sustained and incremental approach to the development of a local AAM and electric aviation sector.

“These actions will enable Victoria’s economy to transition to new clean energy industries, technology and jobs that will strengthen Victoria’s capability and supply chain across the aerospace, advanced manufacturing and renewables sector.

“We invite you to share your feedback on the actions and associated timings to ensure they are:

  • “fit-for-purpose
  • “align with industry expectations, and
  • “will support the implementation of Victoria’s zero-emission aviation vision.”

The survey closes on 15th December 2023.

For more information and to participate in the survey

(Image: Victoria Government)

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