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Canada to launch a new air taxi corridor with a focus on indigenous communities

Canadian officials and industry players are working on an innovative air mobility project that will turn sustainable aviation into reality by helping communities in remote areas according to

According to the report “One of the core principles of AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) is sustainability. eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing) support a better future for the planet by ditching fuel and relying on battery-electric or hydrogen-electric propulsion. At the same time, they can help communities in remote or hard-to-access locations by improving their access to essential services.

“In Canada, AAM players want to develop something similar on a wider scale. It will initially take the form of a new corridor between the City of Joliette and the Atikamekw First Nation of Manawan. Thanks to this corridor, members of the Manawan indigenous community will be able to access essential health and emergency services easier and faster.

“Jaunt had a strong partner in Vertiko Mobility, an infrastructure expert with a fresh perspective. Vertiko’s main goal is to connect all the regions of Quebec with urban centres. With Quebec being the world leader in renewable energy production, this will also add another layer of sustainability to upcoming eVTOL operations in the area.

“The City of Joliette corridor is part of a wider, more complex project. Vertiko officially announced the project during this year’s Volaria aeronautical event. It also relies on support from other big players such as the Drone Niche of Excellence and CRIAQ (the Consortium de Recherche et d’Innovation en Aérospatiale du Québec).”

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(Image: Jaunt Mobility)

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