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LuxMobility and EUROCONTROL to host two day AiRMOUR Urban Air Mobility Masterclass

LuxMobility in partnership with EUROCONTOL will hold a two-day masterclass to bring together learners on the AiRMOUR training curriculum and interested stakeholders to build their knowledge on the topic of Urban air Mobility use cases focusing on European cities.

According to the AiRMOUR website “The event will take place at EUROCONTROL’s aviation learning centre, Luxembourg and will be held on 23rd and 24th November.

“The masterclass will focus on opportunities and the challenges for integrating UAM drone services for cities/urban areas within the existing transport modes. After the presentations from different speakers there will be an interactive panel discussion and Q&A session.

“The objectives of the two day AiRMOUR Masterclass training are:

  • “Understand how to engage with citizens in your city on the topic of UAM and the current public opinion on this topic​.
  • “Describe how UAM operations can be incorporated into policies, such as SUMPs in your city.
  • “Describe a plausible business model for UAM services.
  • “Know the steps for arranging a UAM EMS demonstration in your city and Identify which stakeholders should be involved in discussions on the development of UAM.”

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(Image: AiRMOUR)

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