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New GAMA reports argues for standardized electric aircraft charging infrastructure

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has published a new report: “Interoperability of Electric Charging Infrastructure” by the Infrastructure Subcommittee of the GAMA Electric Propulsion and Innovation Committee (EPIC).

According to the report:

“This paper, a cooperative effort by leading electric aviation companies, explains why a common charging standard for aircraft facilitates deployment of charging infrastructure at airports, heliports, vertiports, seaplane bases, and other takeoff and landing facilities. While charging needs will evolve with time, the focus here is on the advantages of shared and compatible, or interoperable, infrastructure, and the specific practical needs of existing electric aircraft.

“For electric aviation, shared charging infrastructure offers numerous benefits over multiple proprietary protocols developed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

These include:

  • Ensuring reliability and availability of charging stations
  • Efficient use of limited space at takeoff and landing facilities
  • Ability to charge electric ground vehicles used at airports, such as fuel trucks, plows, operations vehicles, etc.
  • Improved access to capital for the deployment of charging stations
  • Eliminating confusion about what charger, or charge site, works with what aircraft.
  • Preventing a fragmented approach to infrastructure early in the commercialization of electric aviation

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