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Lilium starts fuselage assembly of its Lilium jet – first flight set for 2024

Lilium has announced today that it has achieved a significant development milestone with the commencement of fuselage assembly for the Lilium Jet, which it reports remains on track for expected first manned flight planned in late 2024.

Start of fuselage assembly, the company says, serves as another tangible manifestation of Lilium’s strategic roadmap, “demonstrating Lilium’s ability to progress from vision to execution”. This is the first of seven fuselages for the seven aircraft Lilium will use to achieve type-certification of the Lilium Jet.

“The fuselage was developed in collaboration with, and is being built by, tier one aerospace supplier and strategic partner Aciturri at its facilities in Valladolid, Spain. The fuselage is planned for delivery to Lilium facilities in Wessling, Germany in the fourth quarter 2023, prior to planned start of assembly of the first Lilium Jet by year end” according to the press release.

“Aciturri, which is a Lilium investor, is an established aerospace supplier with nearly 50 years of experience in commercial aircraft programs, including the design and manufacturing of major airframe components for Airbus A350, A320, A400M, Boeing 787 and Embraer KC390 programs, amongst others. As well as supporting industrialisation of the Lilium Jet, Aciturri will continue to support the Lilium Jet’s design optimisation and certification in the years ahead.

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(Image: Lilium)

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