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Mieeg and eVertiSKY sign MOU for the development of vertiports

MIEEG and eVertiSKY, which are Italian and American start-ups involved in creating a new type of energy generator and designing vertiports, respectively, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The companies say the document aims to facilitate collaborative research and development and explore possible business opportunities in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and energy generation fields.

eVertiSKY says it aims to design eco-sustainable vertiports and has identified MIEEG technology as a solution for both the self-production of hydrogen and the generation of electricity to recharge the drones that will be stationed on the vertiport.  This model the company says has the potential to significantly increase operational efficiency by reducing dependence on traditional power sources. The MoU will initiate a collaboration that aims at sustainable UAM operations, charting the way for a greener future in this branch of industry.

MIEEG says it is developing an energy generator that is characterised by its performance, compact size and unique ability to utilise propellants such as methane and hydrogen also derived from wastewater. The system the company says can be coupled with renewable sources such as solar or wind power, improving their annual capacity factor (ACF). As a result, MIEEG says its energy generator will be able to power buildings using water resources, including rainwater.

According to the press release “The collaboration between eVertiSKY and MIEEG aims to make it easier to enter the market and develop operations in the US, Europe, and other relevant countries by sharing their technological and infrastructural know-how. They will act as local references for each other and offer assistance, promoting cross-border cooperation initiatives and recognising potential harmonies in the UAM sector.”

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(Image: Mieeg)

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