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EHang makes strategic investment in Inx lithium metal battery company

EHang has announced a strategic investment in Shenzhen Inx Technology Co., Ltd. (“Inx”), a solid-state lithium metal battery technology company in China, and its plan to cooperate with Inx on the research, development and production of solid-state lithium metal batteries for EHang AAV products.

“This PreA+ funding round of Inx was led by GL Ventures, with the participation from Connected Intelligence Fund, Qilu Qianhai Fund, EHang, and its existing investor Fenghe Capital,” said a press statement. “The funding will primarily be used for Inx’s R&D on solid-state lithium metal battery technologies, market expansion, production and deliveries.

“Founded in 2020, Inx is a high-tech company specializing in the research and production of solid-state lithium metal batteries with core patents in materials, processing, manufacturing and battery designs. The company gathers a world-class team with expertise on advanced battery technologies, plus an experienced engineering, manufacturing, and sales operation team. An advanced 200MWh solid-state lithium metal battery production line, key material preparation line, and solid-state battery analysis and testing platform have been established.

“Inx’s solid-state lithium metal battery differs from existing traditional lithium-ion batteries by using lithium metal instead of graphite as the negative electrode and solid-state electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte separators. This structural change enables a significant leap in energy density while ensuring extremely high battery safety.”

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