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The global timetable for AAM and UAM launch and development

The initial UAM services are due to be launched in China and France next year with a single eVTOL type; Korea, USA and Japan will launch UAM networks featuring different eVTOL platforms in 2025 and in 2026 the UAM transport revolution goes global.

“That, at least, is the timetable to which eVTOL manufacturers are working,” said Philip Butterworth-Hayes, compiler of the report. “Those countries who see AAM and UAM as a strategic political imperative, requiring close cooperating between government departments and industry, are winning the race. The last few months have seen the emergence of Saudi Arabia as a new global force in the eVTOL sector – investing in eVTOL manufacturing and announcing a national network of eVTOL regional services and the NEOM-based urban air mobility network – while Denmark has become an increasingly attractive first adopter for longer range, electric powered fixed-wing AAM passenger services.”

Timescale for the introduction of eVTOL commercial passenger-carrying programmes

Country First commercial eVTOL services planned City/region
1. China 2024E Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao
2. France 2024 Paris
3. Korea 2025 Jeju Island
4. Korea 2025 Incheon
5. Japan 2025 Osaka
6. Saudi Arabia 2025/2026E NEOM
7. Italy 2025E Rome
8. USA 2025 Miami
9. USA 2025 New York
10. United Arab Emirates 2026 Abu Dhabi
11. United Arab Emirates 2026 Dubai
12. USA 2026 San Francisco
13. Canada 2026 Montreal
14. Singapore 2026 Singapore
15. Japan 2026 Tokyo
16. The Netherlands 2026 Groningen
17. Spain 2026 Barcelona -Valencia
18. Germany 2026 Munich
19. Australia 2026 Melbourne
20. Brazil 2026 Sao Paulo


Our basis for these rankings:

  1. Declared launch date by OEM/city/eVTOL operator.
  2. Progress on infrastructure development and regulatory/certification approvals
  3. Support to infrastructure development, regulation and financing by national governments.
  4. Availability of regulations and standards – or declared process of exemption.

Please note: This list does not include eVTOLs used for first responder operations. An “E” denotes our estimate for launch services, which may differ from the declared launch date of stakeholders; some project leaders may have declared an earlier date which we have revised.

“There are some very big caveats around many of these programmes, mainly surrounding the timeline for certification of infrastructure,” said Butterworth-Hayes. “While vertiports are currently being designed and developed to guidelines issues by regulators, only Dubai has a full set of mature vertiport certification standards available.”

“The last few months have also seen airports around the world start to take a serious interest in UAM and AAM. The first electric charging points are now being implemented in European and US airports and strategic development masterplans are starting to include AAM/UAM facilities.”

Country-by-country, city-by-city, the Global AAM/UAM Market Map lists the routes, the route-lengths, the key industry players from eVTOL and vertiport manufacturers to local authority partners, the programmes which are clearly defined and funded, to speculative, over-the horizon opportunities. For more information about the database of programmes and to download some July 2023 sample pages please click here. In this latest November 2023 edition we have updated Australia, Melbourne Victoria, Denmark, Odense, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Jeju Island, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, NEOM, Tampa, China and added Heifei City, Pinfang Island, Kobe City, Joilette, Los Angeles, Michigan Central, Northern California, Sanford Raleigh Executive Airport, Washington-Warren Airport, Utah.

(Image: Shutterstock)

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