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Republic Airways now strategic advisor to AURA AERO’s ERA 19-seater programme

Republic Airways (Republic) and AURA AERO, the French aircraft manufacturer working to decarbonise aviation, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the development of the ERA, an electric-thrust 19-seater regional aircraft.

“Republic Airways is one of the largest regional airlines in North America, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana” reports the press release. “It operates over 200 Embraer E170/175 aircraft with flights to nearly 100 destinations daily. Republic employs over 6,000 aviation professionals and flies exclusively for Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines.

“This MOU sets forth the cooperation between AURA AERO and Republic with respect to the assistance Republic will provide on the ERA program. Primarily, Republic will provide support for the technical and commercial development of the ERA. Republic’s expertise in regional aviation will enhance AURA AERO’s ability to design and certify a sustainable aircraft that will be commercially viable in the highly competitive North American regional market.

“ERA is capable of transporting 19 passengers or 1.9 tons of freight, it can also be configured for business aviation. With its pressurised cabin and passenger comfort, it has a range of up to 1,600 km and can land at the largest international airports as well as on short, unprepared runways.

“ERA, whose first entries into commercial service are planned before 2030, already boasts an orderbook close to 350 Letters of Intent/MOU, representing a total of around EUR3.5 billion.”

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(Image: Aura-Aero)

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