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UK and US aviation authorities release joint statement on supporting the future of eVTOL

Both organisations released a joint statement:

The US Federal Aviation Administration and the UK Civil Aviation Authority recognize the potential of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and other Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft to significantly benefit the public. To support future eVTOL aircraft development and operation, the US and UK civil aviation authorities are engaged in a range of bilateral and multilateral discussions focused on facilitating certification and validating new eVTOL aircraft, production, continued airworthiness, operations, and personnel licensing.

As these aircraft enter into the aviation ecosystem, we must continue to maintain the high safety standards that the public expects.  To streamline and expedite integration, this technology should use existing regulatory frameworks on which that strong safety record is founded.

Both regulators recognize AAM is a collection of new and emerging technologies in the existing aviation system. Both authorities have a strong history of collaborating in aircraft certification, airspace integration, operations, and infrastructure, which lead to a safer, more sustainable sector.

The Global Urban Advanced Air Summit is focused on new aircraft at testing stage, in addition to facilities and infrastructure now at the forefront of global government conversation and businesses as the industry pushes forward with technology set to fundamentally revolutionise the future of transport.

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