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UK’s CAA invites feedback on its AAM policy proposals

The CAA’s Advanced Air Mobility Challenge Lead, Kirsten Riensema says that as part of the CAA’s efforts to support the introduction of eVTOL operations in the UK, “we have published indications of our policy approaches on flight operations, the licensing of pilots and on the regulatory basis for continued airworthiness of VTOL aircraft.”

The CAA’s website reports:

“The CAA is using existing legislation for the regulation of VTOL operations to the greatest extent possible, as we appreciate that our collective understanding of the new technology will grow as designs mature and operations commence. This understanding will inform the CAA’s ongoing work of, where appropriate, amending existing legislation to better enable deployment of new aviation technologies such as VTOL operations.

“In the meantime, the CAA has developed policy statements on flight operations using VTOL aircraft, the licensing of pilots of VTOL-capable aircraft and on the regulatory basis for continued airworthiness of VTOL aircraft,  as in as interim guidance to allow stakeholders to proceed with planning operations in line with CAA’s thinking while the formal rulemaking process is taking place.

“We invite comments from stakeholders on our approach, this can be done by answering our calls for feedback:

“Formal rulemaking will involve industry input and formal consultation as per CAA procedures and best practice.”

For more information and offer feedback

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