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Volocopter launches heavy cargo product

by Michael Willoughby

Volocopter, the urban air mobility pioneer, presented a demonstration of its VoloDrone product, yesterday.

With the move, the company has expanded into the logistics, agriculture, infrastructure and public services industry.

The VoloDrone is an unmanned, fully electric, heavy-lift utility drone capable of carrying a payload of up to 200 kg (440 lbs). With a standardized payload attachment, VoloDrone can serve a great variety of purposes from transporting boxes, to liquids, to equipment and beyond.

The rotor area of the VoloDrone has a diameter of 9.2 m and sits at 2.3 m height. It can be remotely piloted or flown in automated mode on pre-set routes. Thanks to the standardized rail attachment system, commonly applied in aerospace and logistics, the VoloDrone can accommodate a wide variety of payloads, housed in the space between its landing gear. Sized to be compatible with Euro-palette packages, it provides enough space for a sling, a sprayer or other customized equipment.

The VoloDrone has been engineered to serve challenging missions across industries ranging from agriculture, logistics, and infrastructure to public services, offering time and cost advantages compared to existing solutions.

Use cases include transporting heavy packages to remote locations, protecting crops in agriculture, lifting voluminous parts on buildings on construction sites, and many more. Anywhere ground transportation means are challenged by difficult accessibility, the VoloDrone may help by adding the air delivery dimension.

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