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Aquiline Drones (AD) to partner with VyrtX for human-organ delivery

by Michael Willoughby

Aquiline Drones (AD), a Connecticut-based drone enterprise that provides sophisticated solutions in drone manufacturing, autonomous operations and cloud services, is partnering with VyrtX, an advanced logistics-technology firm, to create an innovative and life-saving medical delivery service for human organs and tissues using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)/drones.

“Currently, there is a 25% discard rate for unused human organs because they cannot physically get into the hands of the transplant surgeons in time before the window of opportunity expires,” said Dalton Pont, CEO of VyrtX. “When every second counts, UAVs propose an ideal solution to move an organ quickly, to where it needs to be safely, securely, and medically-sound. As a pioneer in optimizing organ transplant services, our goal at VyrtX is a near-zero discard rate, and we are confident that Aquiline Drones can help us achieve this objective.”

  • AD to prototype highly specialized vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drones with superior range and payload capabilities;
  • AD to provide blockchain logistics for transparency, real time tracking and monitoring of the transportation lifecycle;
  • Building of ground support infrastructure (mobile command and edge datacenters) for drone support, persistent communication, mission tracking and handoff;
    Enterprise Asset Management solution for scalability – provided by Aquiline Drones Cloud (ADC);
  • Using the VyrtX technology platform, AD is custom creating an integrated virtual storage solution that offers real-time connectivity, big data storage, analytics and modeling through Aquiline’s cloud. ADC, which is purpose-designed for drone operations, will exceed the stringent audits and compliance processes required by VyrtX and by U.S. law, as well as maintaining the highest level of privacy and security required for VyrtX’s project data.
    VyrtX using its cutting-edge technology to attract healthcare clients, such as hospitals and medical centers, which could benefit from UAV transportation logistics.

“To our knowledge, no other symbiotic relationship exists in the current marketplace between a proprietary organ transport technology platform and a progressive UAV enterprise,” said Barry Alexander, Founder & CEO of Aquiline Drones. “We believe that this strategic partnership is a significant step in setting the gold standard in organ delivery services globally. This partnership also underscores AD’s promise to safely integrate drones into society and help realize true benefits to humanity. In this case, saving countless lives!” Alexander added.

“We are humbled by the deep passion of the entire VyrtX team, especially Alice Cummings – VyrtX’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) – for her heartfelt passion and being steadfast in ensuring VyrtX’s success.” Alexander added. “Aquiline Drones is committed to fully supporting VyrtX’s aspirations to save countless lives and will deliver on its promise to bring VyrtX to life.” said Alexander.

Alexander continues, “Even with the right mix of expertise, VyrtX cannot be built or will not thrive in a vacuum and as such, beckons broad public support. As we know, business is the lifeblood of our domestic economy and germane to the viability of VyrtX is the support of society and the political will of government – both at the municipal and federal levels – hence our strong appreciation and advocacy for public and private partnerships. I am also of the belief that emergency response services should be the impetus for the establishment of unmanned aerial highways.”

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