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Drone Delivery Systems and Airspace Link to partner on drone deliveries

Drone Delivery Systems and Airspace Link have announced a partnership to provide a complete secure drone delivery solution. Airspace Link supports jurisdictional airspace regulation along with citizen empowerment to enable the reality of home or business drone delivery.

“Drone technology & automated delivery has been a moving target since drones first started gaining popularity. While much of the technological focus has been on keeping drones in the air or on task, we felt it critical to address the needs of state & local government in regulating local airspace. We offer solutions to address the last mile of ensuring drone delivery and public safety do not become mutually exclusive.” Said Michael Healander, President & CEO of Airspace Link. “We are excited that when permitting a citizen or business drone delivery location we can now provide a safe and secure AirBox (mailbox) solution completing the last foot of delivery”.

According to the company AirBox is the first real IOT smart mailbox system made with IOT AirBox Technology-centered around the Internet of Things. Integrating AirBox services into Airspace Link’s software ensures the customer the regulatory approvals needed for US drone delivery while ensuring an end-point secure delivery address. “Drone delivery technology combined with smart IOT devices will be the cornerstone for successful automation of package delivery today and in future. “Brandon Pargoe, Co-Founder and CEO of Drone Delivery Systems, AirBox Technology.


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