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Drones will dominate last mile deliveries, says new study

Drone delivery is set to beat out other autonomous last mile options in the race to revolutionise how we get our hands on food and consumer goods, according to new figures from Research and Markets.

Forecasting combined annual growth (CAG) until 2030, autonomous drones trounced alternative last-mile options in the study: delivery bots, self-driving vans and trucks.

“The demand for aerial delivery drones in autonomous last mile delivery is expected to increase owing to advantages, such as timely delivery, lower traffic congestion, and low cost of operation,” researchers wrote.

The -10 kilograms weight segment is estimated to account for the largest market share in the autonomous last mile delivery drones market in 2019.

The payload weight segment of the global autonomous last mile delivery drones market has been segmented into >5 kilograms, 5-10 kilograms, and > 10 kilograms. The > 5 kilograms category includes package delivery applications for retail & food last mile delivery. The 5-10 kilograms category consists of the aerial delivery drones & ground delivery vehicles required for postal & medical equipment delivery.

The demand for > 10 kilograms category is increasing across industries due to the changing consumption patterns and production of goods & services. For example, in the logistics industry, freight forwarders are employing autonomous last mile delivery capabilities to address the changing needs of customers. The demand for autonomous last mile delivery is increasing, which is leading to the increasing demand in the aerial delivery drones market.

Nevertheless, they found that regulations would hold back the use of drones for delivery.

“Formulation and stringent implementation of various regulations to ensure safety in flying drones are expected to restrain the growth of the market across the globe,” they wrote.

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