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Zing launches contactless drone delivery platform in 21 cities across USA

Zing launches this week a contactless drone delivery platform for 21 cities across the USA. Out of over 300 Part 107 drone pilot applicants who are prepared to start making deliveries for financial remuneration, the company has selected an initial group for when and if Zing are given the legal go ahead to deliver.

The 21 cities chosen are: Albuquerque, NM Daytona Beach FL Jacksonville, FL Wesley Chapel, FL Atlantic Beach, FL Denver, CO Las Cruces, NM Columbia, SC Littleton, CO Selma, TX Daytona Beach, FL Bloomington, IN San Antonio, TX Miami, FL Sacramento, CA Denver, CO Encinitas, CA Round Rock, TX Oklahoma City, OK Scottsdale, AZ Las Vegas, NV Carver, MA.

During the pandemic, at-risk customers can now potentially order food and OTC medication from local restaurants and pharmacies using Zing’s mobile application. The company’s simple ordering app enables those living in the above cities to put in orders for contactless delivery. Zing has licensed and insured their pilots in preparedness, who use their own drones after fitting aerodynamic and lightweight delivery devices produced by the company, to carry items.

Zing founder, Ian Annase, told suasnews.com last year,  “Drone deliveries are right around the corner in the United States. We’re taking this opportunity to gather data and get as many pilots as possible familiar with our platform.” He continued, “Many are looking for a way to fly their drone commercially and we are providing a new and exciting solution for them.”

Zing hopes future regulations will allow pilots to pick up meals from local restaurants and deliver them to customers. Rather like Uber Eats, except their drivers are drone flyers taking off from their own front yards. Drones currently have the technological capabilities to make these small deliveries already.

“In my experience, online ordering systems are painfully slow, expensive, and wasteful,” continued Annase. “Drones travel as the crow flies at maximum speed, making them far more efficient than traditional delivery systems. Plus they are fully electric, making them more eco-friendly than any delivery platform out there today.”

Check out Zing’s free ordering app here:


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