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Covid-19: DJI distributes 100 drones to US police, fire and public safety organisations

The world’s largest drone manufacturer, DJI, has been a pioneer behind the “drones for good” movement and according to dronelife.com, Romeo Durscher, the company’s senior director of public safety integration wrote last week on the DJI Enterprise Blog,“Today, we are pleased to announce we’re distributing 100 drones to 43 police, fire and public safety organizations in 22 States.” He continued, “This is the largest single deployment of drones to fight Covid-19 that we know of and we look forward to seeing what our brave first responders do with them.”

In the past, DJI have taken a leading role in working with public safety agencies to expand unmanned craft use cases. Last year, it set-up a disaster relief programme to distribute drones quickly during times of natural disaster, such as fires and hurricanes. After declaring that DJI would activate the program in response to the current pandemic, the team received several hundred requests.

“Even in a time of crisis, it was frankly inspiring. All across America, first responders are embracing drone technology to help their communities, accomplish more in less time, and protect their own personnel,” explained Durscher. “They came up with creative ideas, shared proofs of concept and were eager to demonstrate how their work can help the greater public safety community.”

The agencies receiving the drones will employ them according to their needs. Some plan to use the craft to disperse crowds and make public service announcements whilst others could deploy them in new and innovative ways.

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