Touchless drone inspections key competitive differentiator for property market during social distancing and lockdown

According to propertycasualty360, drones and cloud-based analytics can be rapidly applied to the property inspection business. With today’s covid-19 social distancing and lockdown, a trend towards “touchless” drone-based roof inspections is increasing. Many of the […]


Surge in drones involved in air accidents

Occasionally a story appears that is specific for one country only, yet the headline suggests the problem is worldwide.The misleading headline from plus from most of its Aussie compatriots should read: Australian surge in […]

UAM infrastructure

US DoT say blockchain technology may be answer to solve safety and data issues of commercial drones

Safety and data protection are major concerns when it comes to the growing use of commercial drones, but blockchain could provide a working solution, according to the US Department of Transportation (DoT). According to, […]