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“ISO to develop standards for small cargo drones vertiports” – EuroUSC-Italia

According to the organisation, ISO “intends to develop standards for the infrastructure of vertiports serving small (less than 150 kg) drones carrying cargo, while relying on an ASTM standards for vertiports serving passenger-carrying VTOLs up to 3175 kg. For both cases, ISO 5015-2 will cover operational and service requirements, including requirements for the vertiport operator. Some more detailed standards (e.g. battery chargers) might come from EUROCAE WG 112. Ultimately, these standards may be recognised by aviation authorities (e.g.EASA) as Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) in respect of their emerging rules on vertiports. The work on ISO 5015-2 will be progressed by WG/3 of Sub-Committee SC/16 (UAS) and the Project Leader is Filippo Tomasello of EuroUSC-Italia.”

(Image: Shutterstock)

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