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DJI collaborates with Rosenbaur Group to transform integration of drones with rescue and fire-fighting equipment

According to a company press release, DJI has formed a partnership with Rosenbaur Group, the  manufacturer of fire service vehicles and fire-fighting equipment, to advance the digitalistion of emergency services by combining an aerial perspective and mobile operation management system to inform deployment, give increased situational awareness, and save critical time.

Whether used by a private company at an airport or industrial facility, or a local fire department called out to an emergency even in severe weather, an aerial perspective combined with Rosenbauer’s operation management system enables the situation to be quickly assessed and informed decisions made regarding the safest and most efficient deployment of personnel.

“Speed and a complete overall picture are key criteria for success when emergency service teams have to make important decisions under time pressure,” said Dieter Siegel, CEO of Rosenbauer International. “We have already supported their efforts to meet these criteria with our IT solutions, which range from efficient vehicle management to navigation, right through to alarm applications.”

Siegel continued, “This cooperation with DJI enables us to consolidate our role as a digital pioneer while we work together to develop an integrated technology for comprehensive, data-based fire-fighting and disaster management.”

Roger Luo, President of DJI, said, “We are proud to bring our drone technology to support Rosenbauer’s excellence with the best possible tools for emergency response and disaster relief.

“At DJI, we aim to provide reliable, scalable drones that empower fire-fighters, search and rescue and public safety teams. This integration is an important step for our long-term partnership, and this commitment demonstrates an increasing maturity in the adoption of drones for fire-fighting professionals.”

The two companies will continue to advocate the digitalization of emergency response and outfitting fire vehicles with drones, and to share additional use cases and stories in due course.

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