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Drone films devastating impact Covid-19 is imposing on society

Drones around the world are filming the devastating effect the coronavirus is having on society and recent footage from Italy is a disturbing reminder of the virus’s impact.

According to UK press reports in the The Guardian newspaper, the footage shows a motorway in Baranzate, near Milan, almost completely empty during the usual busiest time of the day, amid a nationwide lockdown imposed by the Italian government. This is a motorway that experiences many thousands of vehicles travelling on its roads every hour.

Presently, Italy is the worst affected of the European countries. By Monday, there were 24,747 cases and 1,800 deaths reported. Spain follows with 11,178 cases and 491 deceased.

The desolate scene filmed by the drone could become the norm as more and more countries lockdown in a bid to counteract the spread of Covid-19.

The EU on Monday proposed suspending all non-essential inbound travel for 30 days, after the World Health Organisation (WHO) have told governments to ‘test, test, test’ their populace.

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