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DJI “responds to Coronavirus challenge with varying drone configurations”

According to drone blogger, James Willoughby, various different DJI drones have been used around the world to combat the virus.

The company’s ‘Mavic 2 Enterprise’ with its loudspeaker accessory has been employed by world governments to warn the populace to remain at home, stay calm, to wear face masks or leave an outside area. The DJI ‘Agras’ is being employed to spray viral disinfectant in towns and large cities – it can release disinfectant 50 times faster than traditional methods and reduce the risk to workers by accessing areas remotely – while the DJI ‘Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual’ with its thermal camera is detecting people walking outside with temperatures. 

The DJI ‘Agras’ has sprayed disinfectant over 3 million square meters in Shenzhen. The company also helped 1,000 counties in China to adopt the spraying method and targeted areas such as factories, residential areas, hospitals, and waste treatment plants. Drones have also been used to fly banners advising people how to learn more about precautions.

The current Covid-19 crisis is proving the potential of drone technology and highlights the “Drones For Good” message, when amid the global pandemic and the ensuing panic, this technology has emerged as a crucial tool to tackle and isolate the virus.

Drones are proving particularly successful at transporting quarantine supplies and medical samples. The advantages are that unmanned craft can cover far more ground than traditional methods, and by operating remotely, they reduce risk to workers who would otherwise spend more time potentially exposed to the virus and the disinfectant.

 As part of the global fight, DJI – a world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology – has pledged almost USD1.5million in aid to help contain the outbreak.

The company says the move ’embodies the DJI spirit’ and adds, “We hope the lessons learned from this crisis will help us use drones, sensors and other cutting-edge solutions even better during future medical, humanitarian, disaster response and relief missions.”

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