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LETS Corp offer FREE drone streaming to protect police and property during America’s riots

LETS Corp, the Californian Audio, Video and Call Recording Apps for Field Investigators and Undercover Law Enforcement Personnel are offering FREE drone streaming to protect police officers, property and others affected by the recent USA riots. LETS has been helping law enforcement secure convictions while bringing everyone home safely since 2006.

Agencies all around the country are already using the LETS 2020 platform to deliver live, high quality footage from drones to personnel on the ground, as well as command staff.

Drones provide officer safety as well as protection against property damage. The company provides a dedicated, private, secure application to view and monitor live streams from the field or from the office on any phone, tablet or computer. Officers can also share their GPS location in real-time by using the Cover Team Talk system as an alternative to encrypted radios. Cover Team Talk is a voice communications system that is private and not susceptible to radio scanners and can be accessed from any phone.

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