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Covid-19: Western Australia latest world region to employ drones to control social distancing

WAtoday.com.au report Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan announced at a press conference this week that the WA police will employ drones to broadcast messages to groups of people not adhering to strict new regulations that ban people venturing outside in groupings of more than two, unless they live together.

The drones will fly around areas such as beaches, parks and cafe strips. They are able to broadcast messages up to a range of one kilometer and can be deployed rapidly in areas that don’t have the best police presence. The unmanned craft will also be equipped with sirens and flashing lights to ensure they’re not missed by the public.

“I understand this is extreme and draconian and not normal, but we want to send a message to people,” Premier McGowan said. “The primary objective is to reinforce the serious nature of the environment we’re in.”

The drones have been brought in by Western Australia’s police to ensure the public continues to understand the severity of coronavirus and the importance of staying indoors to limit the spread. The drones will also allow police officers to better keep their distance from potential covid-19 carriers.

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