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Dutch start-up Maeve unveils new electric regional aircraft Maeve 01

The Dutch electric regional aviation startup Maeve Aerospace has unveiled its development 44-seat airliner Maeve 01.

According to a presentation in mid April by CEO Jan-Willem Heinen, the new concept aircraft will have an initial 460 km of range, which will increase over time as batter technology improves and deliver operating costs that are 17 percent lower than those of comparable aircraft today, such as the ATR 42

The company is planning to be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as an aircraft design organisation and if it can raise the USD 1billion for development and production have a certified aircraft ready for production by the end of 2029

So far four airlines – including Fly With Lucy and Air Napier – have signed letters of support covering provisional orders for 20 aircraft, which will feature eight wing-mounted propellers.

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