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Free State of Bavaria to provide a further EUR100 million for the “Holistic Air Mobility Initiative”

The State Minister for Bavaria, Dr. Florian Herrmann has announced in a speech at the bavAIRia Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Forum in Oberpfaffenhofen that a further EUR100 million will be allocated in funding as part of the Holistic Air Mobility Initiative research program.

In the speech Dr Herrmann said “Bavaria should become a pioneer in the field of air mobility – we want to open up the third dimension for people and goods. That is why we are committed to the Air Mobility Research Network in Bavaria as a lead region and are providing a further €100 million in funding as part of our “Holistic Air Mobility Initiative Bavaria”. Aviation only has a future if it is efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and passenger-friendly.”

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(Image: Airbus)

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