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Sophie Robinson joins Urban-Air Port’s Board of Advisors.

Urban-Air Port has announced the appointment of Sophie Robinson to join the company’s Board of Advisors.  “Her in-depth experience of eVTOL aircraft both at Vertical Aerospace and in the field will be invaluable for us to ensure our infrastructure provides the highest levels of safety for pilots, passengers, public and aircraft” according to the company’s announcement.

“I’m thrilled to join Urban Air Port’s Board of Advisors, and to have the honour of being their first female advisor” said Sophie. “With my career to date, I bring a wide variety of experience from the academic to the practical, with specific competence in aircraft simulation, flight dynamics, flight test and pilot training. I aim to apply a diversity of thought and perspective to Urban Air Ports’ innovative and holistic approach to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) landing & charging infrastructure and am confident that my expertise will enable Urban Air Port’s vision for the future of AAM to become the new reality.”

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(Image: Urban-Air Port)

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