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Australia’s Victorian Government announces financial support to Dovetail Electric Aviation

The Victorian Government has announced a financial investment to support the development roadmap of Dovetail Electric Aviation, contributing to materialising Dovetail’s mission to bring electric aviation to market as early as 2026.

“Invest Victoria, the Victorian Government’s lead investment attraction and promotion agency, is offering non-dilutive financial support to Dovetail Electric Aviation” according to the press release. “This support is aimed at furthering Dovetail’s efforts in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and fostering economic development through the advancement of an emerging sector.

“Owing to the support received from the Victorian Government, Dovetail’s Australian Headquarters (HQ) have been relocated from NSW to Victoria, where Dovetail has both presence at Melbourne and Latrobe.

“The announcement is taking place at Latrobe Regional Airport at the new ‘Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct’ AAM sandbox, where Dovetail Electric Aviation has been conducting tests on its innovative propulsion system, featuring a hydrogen fuel cell.

“Dovetail is initially targeting certification of its first battery-electric powered aircraft in 2026, as a first step to bring a product in the market. The company is also working on the development of electric-hydrogen aircraft conversions, with its first powertrain prototype undergoing demonstration at Latrobe Regional Airport. Electric-hydrogen aircraft conversion mitigates range limitations currently imposed on pure battery-powered aircraft, and serves as a pathway toward viable zero-emission aviation services. The purpose behind an electric-hydrogen aircraft conversion for Dovetail is to extend the range of the battery-powered aircraft.”

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(Image:  Dovetail)

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