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NEXA and Element 1 Inc bring methanol-to-H2 proprietary filling stations to US midwest airports

NEXA Capital Partners and Element 1 Inc. have announced the launch of an energy business that will bring electric vehicle charging and high-volume hydrogen to a network of “filling stations” located up and down the Mid-Atlantic region, according to a social media post. “The project is being launched to provide energy sources for airports and adjacent communities, using liquid H2 carriers as feedstock,” said the statement.

HADC is a Joint Venture Company owned by NEXA Capital Partners LLC and Element 1 Corp.  HADC “has the exclusive, worldwide aviation sector rights and licence to methanol reformation using Element 1 technologies and systems.  The licence agreement is available upon request. We are arranging a UD10 million capital raise that will be used to deploy and operate portable demonstration systems, and defray the costs of building out an airside/ groundside recharging and refuelling network at five key locations in the Mid-Atlantic states.”

According to the white paper:

“HADC intends to own and operate the methanol-to-H2 reforming equipment, selling the output product electricity or H2, at airports to service ground support vehicles, material handling equipment, car rental agencies, and other users nationally….The methanol-to-H2 pathway is unique and protected by Element 1 proprietary technologies and patents. HADC plans to relicense for aviation globally….Other H2 pathways will remain prohibitively expensive to the aviation markets.  Transportation costs will limit H2 electrolysis approaches that intend to rely on pipelines and specialized vehicles.  Like any other aviation fuel, methanol can be safely and inexpensively moved to the over 5,000 airports in the U.S. without new infrastructure.”

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