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Embraer announces investment in XMobots, Latin American robotic company

Embraer announced today in a press release the signing of an investment agreement to acquire a minority shareholding in XMobots, “the largest drone company in Latin America with operations in São Carlos, in the countryside of São Paulo.”

The company says “The transaction will be made via an investment fund in which Embraer is the sole partner, with an additional investment option in the future. The conclusion is subject to accomplishment conditions and obtaining the usual approvals for this type of transaction.

“The deal aims to accelerate the future of the medium and large autonomous drone market and jointly explore new market niches. It also seeks to expand the collaboration network in the research of new technologies that have synergies within the areas of technological development, Embraer’s business, and innovation, as well as Embraer-X.”

Once the transaction is complete, the companies say they aim to work together to create memorandums of understanding related to operations in the Civilian and Defence & Security markets.

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(Image: XMobots)

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