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AECOM and Ferrovial Vertiports advance zero-carbon vertiport infrastructure in Florida through site selection framework

AECOM, the infrastructure consulting firm, and Ferrovial Vertiports, a subsidiary of global infrastructure operator Ferrovial, have released a statement announcing the implementation of a due-diligence framework to identify optimal sites for a planned vertiport network connecting strategic locations in Florida. The companies say “this framework is expected to play a key role in the transformation of air mobility with electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOLs), providing a zero-carbon, high-speed, and affordable transportation network that will help enable the future of intra-urban and regional air travel in the area.”

The press release says “The announcement further solidifies the partnership between Ferrovial and AECOM to collaborate on the planned Florida vertiports, which are essential infrastructure for the safe takeoff, landing, and recharging of eVTOLs. The joint framework will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of site selection through the identification, ranking, and elimination of sites based on construction, operational, and community criteria. The protocols consider air space, soil conditions, weather patterns, utility sources, intermodal transportation connections, first- and last-mile links for passengers, expected volume of eVTOL service, current and future eVTOL types and uses, and community priorities related to noise, safety, and sustainability.”

“Our vision is that the Ferrovial vertiport locations designed by AECOM will provide an industry-leading, user-friendly, and convenient experience for passengers and eVTOL operators,” said Kevin Cox, chief executive officer of Ferrovial Vertiports. “Given the importance of site selection in making this possible, our joint protocols will help identify optimal vertiport placement for operators, local officials, and the surrounding communities into which vertiports will seamlessly integrate. The protocols will not only help us design the most effective network in Florida but will be applied to our vertiports globally.”

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(Image: Ferrovial)

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